Enjoyed the art-music-spirit at the 1st Annual PDX Synesthesia event at Gallery 20. Here are some pics and info about the event. There’s also more info at
The featured work for me were the sculptures of Marie Conner. Her pieces had the metal and cast bone wrapped with hide and sinew. She’s an emerging artists and I couldn’t find her website but she has a nice pintrest page at least.
Keep that creative culture brewing… Cheers!

Akasha Deva


Welcome to the Synesthesia Event for 2014!!

Facebook Event Link
We have a little something planned for everyone in our Art Warehouse and city block, and it’s going to take two sessions (1 all day and 1 all night) to do it!

PDX Synesthesia is a showcase of local talent across all mediums. Presenters will include writers, philosophers, painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, dj’s, dancers, and performance artists.

The intent is to foster a sense of community, bringing diverse talents together in an open and non-competitive environment and to cross-pollinate the arts, writing and music scenes of Portland.

For more information on us, what we offer and our vision, please visit our website:



F.I. Goldhaber
Jessica Cox
Benjamin A. Craghead
Rose Swartz
Richard Van Barriger
Giando Sigurani
Stephanie McManus
E. J. Ershbock
+ more!

Jacob Mooney
Shawna Avril 
Matt Page
Cass Gray
.∆˚ The Audio Teranium ˚∆.
Joseph Caramella 
Jessica Cox and Cameron Jackson
Miki Masuhara-Page
Hyunju Kim
Jessey Zepeda
Marie Conner
Amanda Buckman 
Seth Fox
Rose Swartz
Tatyana Ostapenko
Tenaya Pina
Seth Snyder
Alicia Capp
Edward Ershbock
Christopher Columbus
Daniel Griffin
Rebecca Moreau
+ more!

Jupiter Sprites
Bring It In
Junior Scholastic Club 
Saturnalia Trio
Whales Wailing
Sceptre Fretpen
Dogory Nogami
+ more!


Maximus (Fire Fest – B-Day!!)
Ryan Walz (Alignment Sound)
Bahb ( The Original )
Tracy Why (Cock Block, Subsensory)
Richie Staxx (Rose City Underground)
Mage2k (Erik Jones – Rose City Underground)
Daytrip To Logos ( Josh Van-duh Wally – Downshift Productions) 
Mark Bennett (Major League Baseball)
Justino Smallz (Santa Fe House Collective)
+ more!

Darling Instigatah
Shane Bowser
Waater Indigo
Evan Shepherd
Hi-Tek Hippie