Street Art Meets Fine Art in Italy

Watching this video, you get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the street artists currently at work in Italy, from Dioniso Punk. This is where street art and fine art meet, at the intersection of the mundane and sublime. A dialogue begins between what is street and what is art, what is fine and what is not. All the while a sense of gratitude and appreciation for both the art and the artists, permeates this work. Here are some highlights to give you a taste of what you’ll find: <turn on the closed captioning (CC) if you do not speak Italian>

  • We are “applying drawing to public space”, continually “trying to find the amazement, because all that matters is the amazement…”

  • When working in a public space artists have a responsibility to those who will have to live with their work long after they’re gone.

  • Can a gallery display street art without “destroying it’s essence”?

  • Are “authorized murals” street art, simply because they are in the street, or does there need to be a spirit of protest inherent in an “unauthorized” work?

  • “I started making graffiti, but quit to study art history.”

  • “On the conscious level, we blame the other culture entering within our culture. But on a much deeper level, we have realized that we are not alone anymore.”

  • “Globalization, despite promises of a beautiful world, together and without borders, is creating an ever-widening gap between rich and poor.”

  • Outside the studio, “you automatically assume a social role, you are doing politics, because you are in the Polis.”

  • “Being dreamers is not easy, because you really have to know reality to be able to transcend it.”

  • Being a dreamer is essential to imagine another world. To reinvent a new one, you have to reinvent yourself.

    Credits for this Street Art Documentary include such luminaries as: Solo, Gaia, Diamond, 0707, Maupal, Best Ever, Bol23, Jerico, Guerrilla Spam, Sen One, Sabrina, Dan, Stefano Antonelli (999 Contemporary), Marta Ugolini (Galleria Ca’ D’Oro), Agathe Jaubourg (Pasolini Pigneto), Alìn Costache (YUT!), Edoardo Martino (Villaggio Globale), Eleonora Zaccagnino (Acid Drop).


    Special Guests: Mp5, Alice Pasquini, Mr. Thoms, Jessica Stewart, Sandro Fiorentini (La Bottega del Marmoraro).


    Performances by Solo, Diamond, 0707, Best Ever, Jerico, Maupal, Bol23, Guerrilla Spam, Sen One, Sabrina, Dan, Nicola Alessandrini, Mr. Thoms, Cancelletto, Omino71, Krayon, Ironmould, Giacomo Bevilacqua, Geometric, Bang, Aware, Carlos Atoche, Dans La Rue Musa, Gomez, Napal, Fab137, P66, Luis Alberto Alvarez.


    Murals by Blu, Roa, Borondo, Etam, Cru, Space Invaders, C215, Hogre, Herbert Baglione, Sten & Lex, JB Rock, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Etnik, Axel, Avoid, Sbagliato, Jim Avignon, Fin, DAC, Jef Aerosol, Seth, Zed1, Ericailcane, Clemens, Behr, Caratoes, Momo Derek, Bruno, Kid Acne, Mto, Alexey, Luka Tellas, Moby Dick, Momo Philippe, Baudelocque, Mr. Klevra, Lucamaleonte, Diavù, Agostino, Iacurci, Danilo Bucchi, Jaz, Desx, Reka, Lek & Sowat, Hopnn, Matteo, Basilé Alberonero, Ex Voto, Andreco Moneyless, Nicola Verlato, Ludo, L’Atlas, Escif, Pepsy, Zerocalcare.


    Unofficial Video by Dioniso Punk

    Here’s part 1, which also stands on it’s own, and is only 10:40 long:

    Gwen Stacy – A Street Art Documentary (part1) from Dioniso Punk on Vimeo.

    For a deeper dive, check out this other excellent street art video, also by Dioniso Punk: