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Milepost 5

Milepost 5 is a local arts community in Portland, OR. Below is a series of photos from a gallery show they held back in 2008, when they were just getting started. This was back in the glory days, when Gavin Shettler was still behind the scenes there, after his retirement from the Portland Art Center.


Unfortunately, I don’t have the event note on this one so I can’t name all the artists. The site of the exhibition was a large multi-story studio space, where many artists had their own room and there were dozens of artists exhibiting that night. I was only able to capture a few but this series of images shows a nice cross section of some of my favorites.


There were lots of special gems that evening. Most notably, for me, were the exhibitions by both Dan Cohen (DC Creative Labs) and Todd Kurtzman (Todji), who each had their own rooms to fill with great work.  Hope you enjoy this little gallery-walk back in time…

Akasha Deva

About Milepost 5


Milepost 5 is an intentional community centered around creative individuals engaged in creative pursuits. This 2-acre campus of this unique community is located in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.  The first phase of the project, The Lofts, opened its doors in mid-2008. The second phase, The Studios, opened in early 2011. With both ownership and rental opportunities, Milepost 5 is home to an active community of over 150 creative individuals, many small businesses, art galleries, retail shops, and a restaurant/performance venue called Eat.Art.Theater.  Milepost 5 hosts monthly “First Friday” open studio/gallery openings and frequent events such as performances, live music, and more.  Milepost 5 is an equal partnership between the non-profit Portland Affordable Housing Preservation Trust and Beam Development.


Check out their website here.