Juxtapoz Hyperreal

Juxtapoz Magazine recently released a new book called Hyperreal. It’s profiling some great contemporary artists who paint using photorealistic techniques with a twist. All the work I’ve seen so far is stunning in both skill and variety. I’ve always been curious about this genre of artwork since a friend brought home a big coffee table book from the library. So now I’m looking forward to pealing through the pages myself and soaking this in sometime soon.


Beyond the beautiful artwork, I was also impressed with the quality of the work by everyone involved. What drew me in, at first, were a series of videos profiling some of the artists in the book. They were skillfully produced and left me with feelings of compassion, connection, and inspiration. It was nice to see the artists behind the scenes working in their studio. I also enjoyed hearing them talk about the motivations behind what they do. It really opened up some of the artists inner world to show their insightfulness and strength of vision. It’s that little extra bit of detail that can help bring some more depth to what you’re seeing. These stand on their own as a great series of videos, profiling some innovative artists.


Take a look at the entire series here:

You can see even more work by these producers on the Brass Brothers Films site.


The book itself was published by Gingko Press, who also has a deep catalog of other interesting art and culture pieces, including more Juxtapoz collaborations. But this Hyperreal book is a breath of fresh air. It might be considered a bit highbrow for Juxtapose. But, of course, it’s still got a little edge to keep it sharp. Definitely worth a look…