Graffiti Fine Art

Some things can be passed over quickly, without a thought, at no loss of experience.  Others are deep and need to be peeled open before they can be savored.


This preview for the documentary Graffiti Fine Art by Jered Levy is something to savor.  So many pieces are converging here that it’s hard to see them all at once. Often we can fool ourselves into believing we have seen the whole picture.  Then we look again and find a whole new layer of detail. That’s one reason I wanted to revisit this little gem.


I first found out about this project through a local AIGA event (October 2012).  It was called “GRAFT // Jared Levy: Graffiti Fine Art“.  This was a great event to showcase the official “extended preview” movie trailer.  They also included a nice selection of speakers for a panel discussion on Graffiti’s influence on the design world.  To top it off there was an after-party gallery exhibition with graffiti-inspired alphabet art prints.


Below is a photo essay on the art prints.  Further down the page, I’ve included an archive of related materials and links that showcase what a rich collaboration this project has become.  Just think, this one is still on the festival circuit right now and hasn’t even been released globally in it’s full length version yet. – A nice taste of things to come…  Look, listen, and learn!

Akasha Deva
Note RE Slideshow: The letter "K" was given away at a raffle before I could snap a shot.  
That's why it's missing from the set.


Graffiti Fine Art

This looks to be a great documentary, by Jered Levy, about the confluence of graffiti, art, and culture in Brazil and around the world.


“In an art world where semantics matter, graffiti artists from around the world wonder what exactly is ‘Graffiti Fine Art’. After all, once graffiti leaves the street… is it even graffiti at all?”


But it’s not just a video…  It’s also part of a larger movement spawning eclectic events, art, conversation, and community.


  • Jered’s story on his site

Jered Levy Media Logo


  • Event Article



  • AIGA GRAFT Event Pics (Oct. 2012)

AIGA-GRAFT Event Photo (Flickr)





Panelists at the GRAFT event included:


Jared Levy,

Jared Levy is an NYC native and Newhouse School graduate for journalism and documentary film. Jared produced, directed, shot and edited the award winning documentary entitled Graffiti Fine Art, which covers the underground art scene of São Paulo, Brazil after two years of research in the field. His documentary work also has taken him to the Amazon, Israel and throughout the United States, where he has covered topics ranging from art and culture to geopolitical conflict. Currently based in NYC, he now contributes to film/documentary/web-series projects for various creative collectives.


John Schreiber 

John is the VP and creative director for Satori Engine as well as IDL Worldwide and Crack. He’s also the principle of, a hybrid non-profit he created to raise awareness and funds for schools and other non-profits. A passionate urbanist, lover of street art, and former graffiti artist; John also serves as the director and curator of Gallery 135, in association with IDL Worldwide.


Matt Wagner

The English definition of hellion is a troublemaker, but Matt thinks that sometimes you need to make trouble in order to advance. The Japanese have a similar idea, illustrated in the quote “tall trees catch much wind”. If you cause trouble or stand out, you will get knocked down or criticized. These are the artists that Matt seeks to show at his gallery, Hellion. Previously the curator at Moshi Moshi and Compound Gallery, Matt was allowed the opportunity to discover a variety of amazing international artists.


Ashley Montague

Utilizing a broad mix of media and techniques, graffiti artists, muralist and curator of Backspace, Ashley Montague creates pieces that are cut from the richest of mental fabrics. Raised by artist parents, visions of the abstract and impressionistic were an everyday sight. Take that parental influence, mix in some aerosol, a keen sense of flow and motion, a heap of color, and what you have is a recipe for some tasty visual elixirs.


Jack Aguirre 

A graduate of Pratt Institute, Jack spent many years “writing” with graffiti artists in NYC. His passion for urban art flourished as a direct result. While designing for Ecko he learn the craft from Marc Ecko himself how to capitalize on his street art experience and apply it for commercial use. Recruited by Nike in 2010, Jack is a senior designer working with graffiti artists from all over the world on brand collaborations and special events.


Featured artists in the gallery show included: CERN ONE (featured in Graffiti Fine Art), Taka SudoScrappersThomas BradleyMary Kate McDevittAaron RayburnCory SayCarolyn SewellChristopher Derek Bruno,Dana WoulfeStephen HoldingWill MillerJason BaconRachel CaldwellMette Hornung RankinZach JohnsenLotta NieminenBlaine FontanaRoxanne DannerAdam GarciaKeegan WenkmanBethany NgTom O’TooleAlanna MacGowan and Cassie KlinglerAnne Ulku, and Dave Foster.