Fruitcake Zine Laboratory

Akasha Nexus Publishing is proud to release a new book, with material from deep in the archives. It’s a collection of six original and classic zines from the late 80’s!


Fruitcake Zine Laboratory 1988-1989

This is a collection of punk, mischief, music, animal rights, skateboarding, stream-of-consciousness poetry, and random dadaesque experiments. It is part of a series of spontaneous xerox art collaborations that took place among a small group of friends in Boulder, Colorado, around 1988-1989.
For those that remember those days, there are plenty of obscure sub-culture references. There are record and show reviews that could have been pulled right from the pages of Maximum Rock n’ Roll. Skater pics, straight from the source, and other messed up nonsense. What could be better!

A dark sense of humor mixed with a deep concern for the planet permeates these pages. It’s a series of raw fragments pulled together from straggled and torn pages. Many parts were found, made, or gifted spontaneously, as part of the collaborative process. Then embellishments were added to complete the composition. Ready to take the underground by storm, with the spirit of a free press for mad poets, after a midnight Xerox session at Kinko’s.

For those that appreciate the absurd and broken abstractions of a twisted mind. You might find the fragments of poetry mixed with cut-ups and media extractions more than a passing curiosity. Shocking and brutal images are stitched together with delirious inspirations in a crazy quilt of metaphorical references. Satire, sarcasm, and cynicism are mixed with bit of the tongue and cheek and a pinch of salt.

This mix was also made to pair with these pages and helps give the work some added context.



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Fruitcake Zine Lab 1988-1989 Cover