Animation Express

Lately, I’ve really enjoyed watching animated shorts. They are a great medium for alternative voices and experimentation. One of the best compilations I’ve come across recently is the humbly titled “Animation Express“. Released in 2009, this is a nearly four hour long set of some of the best contemporary animation coming out of Canada. Their National Film Board has really been good at supporting independent artists there.  This shows through in the quality and diversity of talent they’re showcasing here.


Above is a sampling of one the great shorts on this two-disk set, Madame Tutli-Putli. (17:16)  This one was even nominated for an Oscar.  The details on the sets are amazing.  The eyes are also of special note.  I hear that they are so realistic because they’re actually superimposed images from real actors.  The story is a bit disturbing and mysterious but the artistry is so great you’ll want to watch it again.


Looking forward to more gems like this on volume two.

Akasha Deva
Animation Express

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As it celebrates its 70th anniversary, the NFB comes steaming round an historic corner with Animation Express: The DVD Edition – a dazzling collection of recent work from its legendary animation unit. Featured are audacious masterworks such as the Genie-winning Sleeping Betty and the Oscar®-nominee Madame Tutli-Putli, along with groundbreaking experimental shorts… and a party caboose of classic cartoons. The Blu-ray Edition offers an additional 13 titles, including two Oscar®-winners – Torill Kove’s The Danish Poet and Chris Landreth’s Ryan. Embark and enjoy!


2009, 221 min 36 s
Source: NFB