Acoustic Levitation

I was really struck by the sonic styling and imagery in this video from the Ksana Institute and Kayalight Studios.  It’s a great synthesis of sound, imagery, and concept that works so well.


Note the metaphysical references, experimental lab/prison/mental institution setting, and the supporting pesudo-scientific documentation.  WanDan also does an amazing job of mixing up beat-boxing, throat-singing, and psycho, bass-heavy sound design.


Looking forward to more from this collaboration.  Supposedly, up next could be:


    • Acoustic levitation of external objects  &
    • Quantum super positioning through vocal discharge

Great! Bring it on…

Akasha Deva


那刹 Ksana Institute is a non profit organisation established to pursue research into the sonic capabilities of human beings.


This is the first in a series of experiments we are undertaking on test subject WanDan.


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